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This website showcases some of Datta Nadkarni's highly successful multi-media marketing strategies & campaigns.

Datta has directed marketing for global brands like - FARMERS INSURANCE, PHILIPS ELECTRONICS, VISION-EXPRESS, LENSCRAFTERS, COCA-COLA, COLGATE-PALMOLIVE, PARTYPOKER.COM & MASTERCARD in USA, Canada, India, Australia, UK, and Belgium.  


Datta's role as Marketing Strategist can be seen in the results achieved:-

  • Directed 12 new product launches in 6 countries (USA, Canada, Australia, UK, Belgium & India)

  • Supervised 14 Advertising Agencies in 6 countries

  • Directed 64 Television Ads, 22 radio ads, 300+ print, email and direct mail ads, and four 1 hour DRTV (infomercials)

  • Created the strategy and launch of B2B and B2C websites, Employee portals, Agency dashboards and ecommerce sites.

  • Directed online search engine marketing (SEO, SEM), Social Media (on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin)

  • Supervised 64 member multi-cultural & cross-functional teams

  • Directed corporate strategy, ventures and alliances; Evaluated 212 diverse companies, resulting in 35 alliances

MBA (University of Cincinnati). MS (Northwestern University). MMS (University of Bombay)

A Few Case Studies :

Farmers Insurance

"Gets You Back Where You Belong" Campaign. Created campaign to tout the "restoration network" of service providers to deliver seamless claims processing.

Filed "business process patent". Aquired 1-800-FARMERS toll free number and URL.

Developed the whole digital strategy for Farmers, in conjunction with parent Zurich Financial Services.

Win/Win Challenge
Eyeglasses done in One Hour - or they are Free! Immensely successful Ad campaign in competitive markets - helped LensCrafters get top-of-mind "One hour eyeglasses" positioning - and increased market share significantly.
LensCrafters TV Ads
These were part of the main LensCrafters brand-sell  campaign - "slice of life" Ads. 
Explained how "One Hour Glasses" fit into each different customer's life.
Bill Draper - Legendary VC
TIECON LAUNCH ON TV: The World's Largest Conference for Entrepreneurs!
Every year the "who's who" in silicon valley congregate - to speak, interact and guide entrepreneurs! Visit for more information.
MasterCard's prepaid debit card launch
New product for "Unbanked" customers, giving them an avenue to manage personal finances, with AccountNow's prepaid debit MasterCard. It helped rebuild customer's credit history, while helping them keep their money secure, along with the convenience of a pre-paid debit card.
"Featherwates Ultra-Light & thin lenses" new product launch.
Increased LensCrafters' marketshare dramatically, imporving as sales and profits. Created a whole new product category for ultra-thin and light lenses in optical retail.

Marketing Strategist, Retail Branding Consultant

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