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         Largest soft-drinks franchisor in India, with 75+ bottlers, 60+% market share, part of COCA-COLA India

  • Developed and implemented innovative multi-lingual (18 languages), advertising/creative/media strategies.  

  • Soft-drink Brands -  ThumsUp, Limca, Gold Spot, Do-It and Bisleri Club Soda.

  • Launched 1st Diet‑Cola “Do-It” in India in top-8 metro cities. Captured 8% market share in 4 months.

  • Repositioned “Gold Spot” brand to kids, boosted sales 30% by licensing Walt Disney’s “Jungle Book” to promote the brand

  • Pioneered celebrity endorsements from sports (cricket) and bollywood for launch of "ThumsUp" 

Marketing Strategist, Retail Branding Consultant

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